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Thank you for taking the time to review our information regarding considering Colorgraphics USA to photograph your dance studio. We strive to make the picture session process as simple and worry free as possible for all involved.
We have photographed hundreds of dance studios over the course of 4 decades. Our 46 years of experience speaks for itself, we keep it simple and efficient. Listed below are some of the options we offer. There are too many to list here so please let us know what your needs are and in most cases we are able to accommodate whatever you may need.

To start with, our photographers know the difference between 1st position  and 5th position  We understand the difference between a releve, pass’e and pirouette. We make sure there are soft hands, tucked thumbs, long necks, soft shoulders, jazz hands, and laces tucked into ballet shoes. We do whatever it takes to make sure we get the best pictures possible. The class instructor/poser is an absolute necessity for every class we photograph to make sure we get the right pose! Having the instructors go over the class and individual poses with the dancers PRIOR to the picture session date is crucial for efficiency.
  • Fundraising options are available on all of our packages to rebate back to the studio.
  • All orders are shipped directly to the parent’s homes via 1st class mail (you can also choose to hand them out at the studio too.
  • We provide digital images of all the class pictures taken for your use. We use “we transfer” to transfer the files to your email inbox.
  •  We send 1 photographer and 1 assistant to each session and can do one class every 10 minutes - It would be good to provide a little extra time for the little girls and boys 5 years old or under, also for company or production classes that may have more than 20 kids.
Colorgraphics USA uses a convenient order envelope system – each athlete receives their order envelope 7 to 10 days prior to the session date. We provide you with the total number of envelopes needed for all your athletes  in the program (we usually send the envelopes rubber banded in packets of 15 envelopes for easy distribution) The envelope packets are distributed to the coaches to hand out to the athletes  so they can bring them home for parents to review and order. The envelope essentially collects the order money, provides us the address to mail the pictures home to the parents and at the session we collect the envelopes and number them with our camera frame number as the athletes get their pictures taken to ID them. We take care of everything from that point on so you don’t have to.


You can contact us to schedule a session date or to receive more information

585-259-4204  not a customer service number.

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